ProRetract N


 The N Retractor is made from 17-­‐4 Stainless Steel.  Nicknamed the “Olga” it works in conjunction with both patella ProCamps and both patella SpeedClamps.  It serves 3 primary purposes in total knee arthroplasty:

  1. Retraction of the SpeedClamp and ProClamp: The N retractor facilitates retraction of both speed and pro clamps while in the compression and protection state. This aids in better visualization of the lateral gutter and posterior lateral femoral condyle while also allowing the ProClamps and SpeedClamps to continue their mechanism delivery.  
  2. Toe-­‐in Lever: The common retraction principles of total knee arthroplasty have always been utilized in a “peeling” direction . The N Retractor allows for a Toe-­‐in direction not capable with any other retractor available. This Toe-­‐in retraction movement opens a window allowing better visualization of important lateral structures.  
  3. Reduction of standard retractors: The N retractor reduces the quantity  and need for standard total knee retractors. Where once there were multiple retractors to identify and protect lateral structures, now the N retractor combined with the ProClamp or SpeedClamp functions independently